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Baia Grande (just in front of Porto Cesareo Camping)

Porto Cesareo Camping is idyllic located in a Natural Marine Protected Area, which for its surface and coastline is the third largest one in Italy, at a distance of only 500 meters from the stunning sea of Porto Cesareo, famous for its crystal clear waters, dunes and white sandy beaches. From our campsite, within easy walking/cycling distance, there are two bays (the big and the small one). These bays are truly unspoiled paradise belonging to the Count's Marsh and Coastal Dune Nature Reserve. Baia Grande (the big bay) is a sandy cove characterized by small rocks, shallow water and mixed bottom, which is so much fun for kids as well as for adults! Baia Piccola (the small sandy bay) is considered a true paradise by scuba diving lovers as well as by nature ones. In fact, its beautiful sandy and rocky bottom is enriched by a natural amphitheater of karst caves; cold freshwater flows out of these caves, making the stunning turquoise color of the sea. Between the two bays, and all around, there is a luxuriant Mediterranean bush and the famous “spunnulate”. The so-called “spunnulate” (in the regional dialect the term is likely to come from the verb “to collapse”) are a number of underwater tunnels and bridges naturally created by karst erosion, which made caves’ vaults and walls collapse into the water. These submerged or partially submerged sea caves, where seawater and undersea freshwater are mixed, represent natural habitats for some unique protected animal and plant species.

Features: Sandy beach and rocks
Stretch:  100 meters
Distance from Porto Cesareo Camping:  500 meters

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