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Porto Cesareo

"...Porto Cesareo... a stunning sea!"
clara63brugherio, Brugherio, from Tripadvisor

A panorama picture of the village of Porto Cesareo, which is well-known not only for its beautiful white sandy beaches , mostly located to the North of the town, but also for its coastline, the so called Seno Levante and Seno Ponente. Here you'll find spectacular sea views and watch hundreds of small docked boats belonging to the local fishermen, as well as buy good quality fresh fish, visit the big seafood market, get some souvenir and enjoy the natural harbor of this town, surrounded by a series of small islands. Among the others there are Isola Grande (Big Island), also known with the nickname of Rabbit Island, and Isola lo Scoglio (Rock Island), the location of a very nice and famous club. In summer time you can easily reach Isola Grande just walking with your bare feet in the shallow water, as the maximum depth of the canal separating the island from the coast is only 1 m, otherwise you can go for a short boat-trip choosing one of the many local fishing boats. Furthermore, you can visit the beautiful watching-towers, used in ancient times as defensive strategy against the Saracens and the Turkish assaults by the Spanish rulers . They are located in different spots from the South to the North of this area, namely from Torre Cesarea to Torre Lapillo (the most famous wotching-tower of Salento). Finally we suggest you not to miss the stunning sunsets, you can enjoy while having an ice-cream or a cold drink at the Bar “Il Principe” amazing view of the island and the sun setting slowly “into” the sea...

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