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The countryside

"Here my days are peaceful and intense, turning suddenly into quiet starry nights. Here the sky is always clear, boasting an evoking brightness and thousands of stars; here, the scented air is terrific accomplice and elusive lover of this restless sea, which keeps chasing itself, forever."
(Poem by Antonio L. Verri)

Salento, the ancient Messapian land, boasts an astonish beauty not only for its dramatic coastline and golden sandy beaches but also for its picturesque countryside. Salento is a region full of attractions and sightseeing you cannot miss. Age-old olive trees, traditional dry-stone walls and a luxuriant Mediterranean bush give its landscape a unique character. Porto Cesareo Camping is ideally located only a short distance from some well-known Salentine wine cellars, which produce the famous Negroamaro and Primitivo di Manduria. Going along the roads to get to our campsite, you can admire vineyards as far as the eye can see, usually with short vines (according to the ancient traditional viticulture technique), and old Masserie (big farmhouses) of stunning beauty. Moreover, amazing age-old olive trees (the most famous are those located along the road Veglie/Porto Cesareo), various cultivations (for instance, cultivations of tomatoes, chili, flowers and vegetables) and a beautiful native vegetation, such as prickly pears and Mediterranean bush, are distinctive features of this area.

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